Introductions are weird

Introductions are weird

Introductions have never been my strong suit so I'm just going to roll with it.
Full disclosure I am known to be incredibly longwinded so if you make it through my posts you're either an incredibly thoughtful individual or you're so bored out of your mind, you don't even know why you're here.

Hi, I'm Chantel!
Owner of The Modern Makers Market/Shop.
This Brand started with big dreams and a vision for ourselves which later turned into big dreams for our community. The women that helped create this brand are all special in their individual journeys and have all put the MMM where it is today.

2022 is a big year.
We are going back to our roots of organizing modern vendor events in Peterborough and we are thrilled to be flexing this part of our brand once again. We've learned so much throughout the pandemic after opening a store front and how to navigate a whole new ballgame that is Retail. 
With my experience in Retail, I did really enjoy the direction we went in 2020 when we opened the shop. Of course there were and still are a lot of learning curves to running a shop but, I've truly found my passion within the small business community. For a lot of people Retail is a daunting and soul sucking industry but I truly do find it fascinating and it feeds my chaotic soul.

When you let your walls down and let your community see who you are, I find it to be completely comfortable. We are proud of the fact that we are super transparent and honest about our intentions. We believe it doesn't help to gatekeep information and important resources but also understand everyone deserves to find their place on their own. I'm sure a lot of people who've been around us for a while might think "hmm, this seems new" and they're absolutely right. We aren't who we used to be as individuals and as a brand. Evolving is important in your growth. I'd hate to be compared to who I was even last year because my head space was so different then.
We've been going in the direction for some time now to focus our efforts on the growth of the small businesses within our shop. It's become a sincere passion of mine to see women and small businesses win. So with that we have added "Small business hype team" to our CV. This title is super fluid and can mean so many things to many different people. Essentially we want to help people in whatever space they're in to level up in ways that serve them and their business. 
Work smarter, not harder.

Vendors just starting out or vendors in their 5th-10th years can absolutely find ways to move forward with us. Customers and demographics never stay the same and you wouldn't want them to! Those groups become stale over time and we'd like to always evolve who our shoppers are.
We love to collaborate with like minded individuals that also like to see people grow and reach their potential so you will see more collaborations in the future for us. Community vs Competition is not a new phrase for us, we've been marketing this for years as it's super important to us based on our own vendor experiences.

To wrap up this first blog post I'd just like to say Thank you! 
It means a lot to me that you'd even read this far and show any interest in what we've been building since 2017. I'd love to share more on how we got to where we are and I'll do my best to section those tales appropriately.

"No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness" - Aristotle


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