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Sarah and Chantel met five years ago during a busy season for Makers at local Market. When we met, we were just babies in the maker world wanting to be successful boss betches. It was at the Ptbo farmers market where we shared a booth one weekend that we realized Peterborough needed something relative to our craft and we wanted to find a way to introduce other brands that we loved to work with. We decided "We can do our own events because we know who and what we want, what we could make it look like" 

Sarah suggested bringing in Laura who at the time was Pretty things and witty words and a kick ass designer. From there it was a snowball effect of planning, organizing and bringing our own spin on our events. We wanted our community to embrace this event as their own, somewhere that felt like a piece of their home, a place to come on weekend with friends or family, somewhere they could find something unique and new that had been crafted and designed by their neighbours, someone they could feel good about supporting. Through mutual contacts we organized our first ever event at the Evinrude centre that featured so many incredible businesses that took a chance on us and we in turn worked hard for them. Some who now have some serious success like *ahem* Little Buck (name drop no shame lol). We were blown away at our maker community, the supportive shoppers and the people who just wanted us to succeed. *serious we all had misty eyes when people came and shopped with us, when we had vendors sell out. It was MAGIC!Our first holiday event at the Evinrude was so out of this world we still can't believe how crazy it was. We were over capacity, line down to the traffic lights, it was next level, and we will never forget how excited we were in realizing Holy shit this could actually be something, that the community believed in us!

We teamed up with many makers along the way who offered their time and their product to help us grow. We helped other businesses with their events and started working the Ptbo Dragon Boat which is such an amazing organization.  We've donated to local charities; we've done so many giveaways and have created countless opportunities for makers big and small to help them succeed. Along the way we lost Laura, to a full time job, business and family. When we lost a strong member of our trio we had to bust our butts to pull of these events without her. We still love to team up with her when we can, and she will always be responsible for helping us get where we are. (Thank you Laura).

We were just getting our footing and had some incredible plans when Covid hit. It was devastating and a huge eye opener for us. While we spent years hyping up other businesses and building relationships, we learned a lot from that experience which helped us focus more on what we want our Brand to become. We are always learning and growing. Virtual markets were blowing up and we dabbled for a hot minute but that's not who we are. Surrounding our events, we promote and market SO hard for our vendors it didn't make sense to start charging people for that. So, we took a step back. We are always revaluating and never afraid to pivot. In September 2020 we had big ideas. We've always wanted to have our own Modern Makers headquarters with a retail aspect why not put this plan to action? It was go time!We made big moves, we spent big money we didn’t have, we put in a LOT of time and it started coming together so fast and hard we were just riding the wave. There was a lot of back and forth about our retail module, but we knew we had to make it about the vendors. Coming up with a module where the vendors get 100% of their profits is not easy as a start-up business. We sacrificed a lot. A lot of unpaid hours to build this brand. But to support our small shop community and their families is so worth it! 

While we had a lot of help from friends and family, it still blows us away that we did this. Did we mention that 50% of this partnership lives in Australia due to the pandemic!? Imagine being so dedicated to something without ever having seen it in person? That’s a lot of trust, patience and hard work! Over the holiday shopping season Nov-Jan we grossed $200,000 in our store for our vendors. Some vendors made between $5k-$10k in a month. That is wild to us and we are so proud of ourselves for making that happen for other people. Which is why it was super tough to be thrown into lockdown as a brand-new business. We had a lot of support and media from the city, they were proud that we were able to thrive in Ptbo and the dedication it took to come out of a pandemic a success.


We put together an online shopping platform for curb side SO fast and while it didn't have every item from every vendor, we still managed to give presence for everyone on the site. We are continuing to build up this platform now with an awesome Web developer from our hometown Brendan Quigley (look him up, your brand will thank you)

With our retail manager Gabby’s help we started doing more online events which is how the Wednesday night live was born! Gabby has been a huge help to us since the Shop started. It's been such a relief to have someone work for us that we can rely on. She’s always cracking jokes and is a part of this brands success. So here we are in Lockdown 3.0 still grossing over 10k in a month for our vendors during lockdown. We're proud as punch but it doesn't end here folks. We have big things coming. We have big news on the way, and we have epic partnerships TBA. Thank you so much to everyone that has supported us and continues to support us. You've become part of our family and we are forever grateful. 

Never forget to dance on them haters and be 100% authentic 


Chantel and Sarah <3