Price Explained

All prices in the Modern Makers Marketplace have both the base price and processing fee. Tax is not charged on vendors products in store. 

For example:

$10.00 Base Price + $1.13 Processing Fee

= $11.13 Total Price

* Prices on the site will show as either the base price or the total price. Prices that are the base price, are labeled. 


The Processing Fee

The processing fee is 13% of every sale. This fee goes towards paying  the expenses of operating the Modern Makers Market and further supports the small businesses in store by allowing them to keep their full profit. 

By charging a processing fee at checkout, vendors are able to keep their prices neutral on our platform and their own. Other store modules like ours who don't charge a processing fee to the customer, charge that fee to the vendor. In most if not all cases, the vendors raise their prices to help cover this cost. So, the customer is paying that fee regardless. 

When shopping with us at the modern makers shop, you're supporting us as a business and not just the vendors in store. 
Each month, part of the processing fees paid are allocated into a marketing budget and in *every* newsletter we offer 10-20% off discounts when shopping online. Which means online shoppers are rarely paying the full processing fee. 
The online store doesn't have much overhead cost. 
The in person store however has a large overhead cost, which is why there are rarely discounts offered in store. 

We will always do our best to balance the experience between shoppers and vendors in our store and can not express enough gratitude to our community who understand our platform for what it is!