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Storefront Application
Workshop Price List
(Please read all before you email us with questions! Thank you!)

Have you always wished your brand would have its own storefront? A place people can sample, feel, and see your product? The Modern Makers shop is a storefront location with a market feel that rents our retail space to small shops like yours. No one is too big or too small to rent space and showcase their talents.We have had vendors approached for other wholesale opportunities, collaborations and so much more networking then just their sales in store!

Peterborough loves to go to their local shops, they are invested in their weekend farmers markets as a family or friend weekend outings, and we are quickly becoming a staple in the community just like that! Our variety of vendors bring in shoppers of all ages looking for something unique while supportint small businesses.  Every month we rent out spaces to 50+ vendors who can mail or drop off their products and join our storefront. This means that your products will be displayed and showcased in our store and customers have a month to shop with your brand. You are welcome to mail or drop off your products and we will do the rest!

What you get for your rental fee's

    • You get 100% of your profits. We charge a 13% processing fee at check out to our customers on top of your charges. This is to cover the cost of bags, cleaning, maintenance and running of our business. We don't believe in gouging our vendors as they're our clients. Our customers have always aided in the operations of the Modern Makers Market whether it's event admission or our shop processinging fee  
    • You have the opportunity to "pop up" in store the month you are in to meet customers and sell new products (this does not include our scheduled/organised group pop ups).
    • Marketplace online shopping included. This is an amazing new platform! You add your in store inventory to sell online BUT you can also add additional inventory to sell and offer it to be collected through our FREE in store "porch pick up"! ** This is a mandatory expectation**
    • Free in store "porch pick up" our in store pick up is free for the months you are in. That means that all orders that are made in your personal store and your online mm store are not charged the $2 fee.
    • Knowledgable staff that care about your products and your brand. We understand what your brand represents.
    • When considering a rental agreement with us please note we are your small business Hype Team. Along with the logistics of operating the store front, being your customer service representative, your marketing team, your merchandiser and more we are a community building collective. You get back what you put in. 
    • We display your items in your 2x5 (approx.)  (4 shelves) shelving section / or option of half unit (2 shelves), print your logo / display so the customers know it's you, and sell your products for you. We encourage you to stock marketing materials and even an "about us" sheet which could be framed. 
    •  All categories will be limited to 2-3 vendors, no exclusivity given. 
    • Merchandising is FREE! We no longer charge a merchandising fee for our in store stylist to style your booth, display your products, pick the best spot to display for your target audience and merge products with like vendors in showcase displays. The display will be restocked with new product as needed. You are able to keep (1 case/box) stock in the back for free with this service. Our team will be working with your display all month long to rearrange, bring product forward and showcase your brand the best way they feel that will appeal to our customer base. This service has been proven to increase sales in our vendors who have used it! 
    • Advertising- We utilise your rent money to add into advertising. We host giveaways, work with influencers (yes we have to pay them), radio stations, instagram and Facebook ads. We have had a lot of publicity in our community, news broadcasts, radio, blogs and brand reps have all featured us. We currently have a contract with a local radio station for advertising and we are being seen by all ages in our area and beyond. 
    • Online presence we give your brand an online presence through lives, posts, shares and more! 
    • We're a Swiftpost smart hub. We ship directly from store. We have flat rate and free shipping options for our online shop.
    • MMM shop is open 6 days a week and has extended hours at peak shopping times.
    • *COVID policy: We will not be giving refunds if we are forced to lockdown and close the shop. We will be going online and offering curb side pick up. 

What we ask from you

  • Add photos and products to your marketplace by the first of the month. We don't expect professional photos but be aware OPTICS do matter in retail. Prettier pictures attract shoppers. 
  • Mail or drop off your products
  • Restock as necessary
  • You can not bring items into the store unless they are uploaded into marketplace first
  • advertise your products on social media & tag us to we can repost. *modern makers will do their best to share about our store and products inside but it is up to you to make your presence known to your followers and ours. This is your store while you are in here too! 
  • Utilise your free in store pick up options! 
  • You get back what you put in. We understand that in most cases these are not your 9-5 jobs but this is our 9-5 and this is our Brand and Shop. We expect accepted vendors to have a solid online presence and be capable of utilizing the technology required to run a business in 2022. It's called "The Modern Makers Market" for a reason. 

Non peak Costs (Jan - Oct)

1 Shelf $90 (upper unit) ($11.70 =$4.50 +$7.20 $101.70

Half unit (2 shelves) $160 (lower unit) - Total with taxes $180.80 

Half shelf 3 months $150/ month ($450 upfront) - Total with taxes $508.5

Half shelf 6 months  $140/ month ($840 upfront) - Total with taxes $949.20

Full unit (4 shelves) $275 - Total with taxes $310.75

Full unit 3 months $265/month ( $795 upfront)  - Total with taxes $898.35

Full unit 6 months $250. month ( $1500 up front) - Total with taxes $1695

Online presence: we ship it (shipping fee's may be extra) . One box of stock for storage (no store display) $65. Access to our online store and marketplace. You need to have a consistent online presence for this to work for you.

in store "porch" pick up $2 per order. Business invoice at the end of the month (this is free for in store vendors)

Peak Holiday Costs: (Nov & Dec)

One shelf $140. - Total with taxes $158.2

Half unit $200 - Total with taxes $226

Full unit $315 - Total with taxes  $355.95

* When you sign up with the MMShop your months are automatically renewed and invoices are sent at the end of each month. If you do not want to renew you must give notice by mid month (15th). With exception of Nov and Dec there is no auto renewals for peak periods. 

Why stay long term?

We find that a longer term in store overall brings a better profit overall to recoup your space back. Often times people sign up for one month and people ask about them after they've moved out. It can take a hit minute to be discovered in store. You also get a discount for paying your long term upfront.

How much money will I make?

It isn't about the money.. okay it is a little BUT this is a platform, a way to be seen, a way to reach out and talk to your customer, to meet new customers, to find your niche. This is a learning experience, a way to grow it is SO MUCH MORE then a revenue stream. We're a small business Hype team. We help you with your goals and work together to grow and smash goals. We host monthly giveaways to garner more followers criss crossing followers between accounts exposing your brand to a broader demographic. The feedback from customers has been positive and they are proud to support all small businesses in the shop. The community loves to stop in and check out your stock in person and then order from you personally for birthday Christmas and future events. Even if you don’t have a successful monetary month we hope that you remember being in a store front is so much beyond that! Exposure of your brand, online orders, future orders, custom orders... We have local stores stalking us all the time to find wholesale for their stores. 

Storefront Application