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Blue Jay - Birch Forest Series - Hand-cut Paper Artwork

The blue jay is a beautiful, bright blue bird that always catches the eye. In this piece the blue really pops among 5 layers of paper trees. Each layer is individually cut by hand with a small craft blade then assembled to create a beautiful shaded forest. As these art pieces are hand made and the tree details are cut freehand no two are exactly alike.

This desktop sized birch forest is the perfect gift for a friend of family member who loves blue jays:

"The blue jay is a symbol of loyalty and solidarity with partners and loved ones. Their call is sharp and direct, and teaches us to speak up for ourselves and others. They are also, often the ones to raise the alarm when danger is near, alerting all the other birds in the forest. By watching and listening to these precocious birds, we can learn to use our voices and stand-up for ourselves and the rights of others. So overcome your shyness, speak your mind, and be bold like the blue jay."

Product Details:

- art dimensions: 4'' x 4''

- wood frame with glass

- outer dimensions: 4.75" x 4.75"

- frame thickness: 1.25"

- hanging hardware attached

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