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Cool Cucumber Pack

 Affirmations help you to focus on your areas of strengths and be open to positive progress, minimize anxiety, stress, depression, boost performances, even increase levels of happiness in your life. 


Anxiety and stress levels have never been higher in society (Thanks COVID 19!) But the Cool Cucumber pack was specifically designed to reduce stress, and anxious feelings - and invoke peace, serenity, and calm. These cards can be kept in your lap top bag, wallet, or lunch pail and pulled out in those moments that hit us so hard, sometimes seemingly out of nowhere - and support healthy coping mechanisms. 

During a time of complete unknown, at times frustration, and definitely fear - Affirmations quiet our inner worry, and allow us to feel the settling peace we desperately need in the moment.  


 You won’t get ANY duplication in our Affirmation packs – every single one comes with 18 beautiful, vibrant, high quality, blue core, Canadian designed cards with their very own daily affirmations, not found in any other pack! The Cool Cucumber pack is gender neutral – and written for ANYONE, and ALL pronouns to enjoy. Use them in your every day, daily affirmation practice, harness the power of positivity and put a little “kick butt” in your step for the day. 

What you will receive:

1 Deck of calming lavender, high quality cards with 18 unique Affirmations (The Cool Cucumber pack) 

1 draw string burlap carry case  

1 Why Affirmations Information Card

1 Wooden Heart


Cards are 2.75”x2.75” and have original artwork on the back designed by hand by the maker of Cure Cards.  

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