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Maiden Esthetic

Alien green press-on nails

Alien green press-on nails

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A full set of nails includes the following

  • 30 nails (2 of each size to ensure perfect fit)

  • Nail glue

  • Buffer / Nail file

  • Alcohol wipe

  • Cuticle pusher

Thank you for supporting local and adding to your collection of reusable press-on nails!

Each set should last you at least 2 weeks! (probably more!)

You should get 5+ wears out of these!!


All nails are made to order, you will receive an email as soon as your nails have been shipped! please give 1-5 business days for processing and painting!

Nails will not be an exact match to images, each set is hand painted so the image is an example of what will be painted. (All images are nails i have painted)

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