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Dirty Spice

Dirty Spice, for everyone everywhere a spice for all kinds of food!

Originally created to season Peterborough's tastiest fries, it also is recommended for wings, ribs, salmon, and even better on popcorn.

A Peterborough designed 
spice! Inspired by Cajun SpiceDirty Spice is made to enjoy at breakfast with a pinch over your eggs and hash browns, lunch in a Dirty Spice mayo on your ham & Swiss, and dinner shaken into a bowl of fries with a side of Dirty steak.

There's nothing better than cajun fries...until you get 
dirty with dirty fries!
Add a pinch in your mayo, a spoon to a marinade, and sprinkle on some popcorn.

Start getting 
Dirty, with the spice of life!