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Falcon Rub Original

Original blend is a unique and delicious blend of aromatic spices & herbs paired with dark brown sugar to create a perfect balance of sweet & savoury flavours. It caramelizes beautifully on grilled meats and veggies and can add a bit of excitement to your eggs. Also pairs wonderfully with orange!

Allergy alert:
 all of our spice blends contain mustard, and may contain or have come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts, wheat gluten and/or sesame.

Available Varieties and Sizes:

Keto is the sugar-free version of our Original blend, made with naturally derived sweeteners (erythritol and monk fruit). It has the same flavour profile as our Original blend and can be used in the way as Falcon Rub Original (including recipe ratios. This blend does not contain maltodextrin, and has not artificial flavours or sweeteners.

Blazin' blend is a hotter version of our Original. It has all of the same aromatic spices & herbs paired with dark brown sugar base, but has been kicked up with some more heat.

Orange & Ginger is a flavourful, garlic forward rub with strong notes of orange and ginger. It has a brown sugar base and some peppery heat, making this blend especially unique. Try it on chicken to start, or add it to a simple vinaigrette with a squeeze of fresh orange.