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Floating Heart Touchstone Initial Bracelet

This bracelet is the ultimate customized gift. Made of 3mm 14k gold filled or sterling silver high quality beads, a 14k gold filled/sterling silver floating charm and hand stamped enamel letter beads. Comes beautifully packaged and includes a postcard explaining how to use the bracelet. Bracelet measures approximately 6.5" on stretch cord. If you need another size, please reach out and we will be happy to assist you. 

Touch this floating heart charm anytime you are in need of grounding, reflection or reassurance. Let it serve as a touchstone and constant reminder of your favourite mantra or positive thought. How does it work? Simply designate a positive affirmation to your floating heart. Then, anytime you feel worried, anxious or in need of reassurance simply touch your floating heart and remind yourself of your mantra. Positive vibes only!