Fox - Birch Forest Series - Hand-cut Paper Artwork

A clever fox sneaks through 5 layers of paper trees in this mini frame. Each layer is individually cut by hand with a small craft blade then assembled to create a beautiful shaded forest. As these art pieces are hand made and the tree details are cut freehand no two are exactly alike.

This desktop sized birch forest is the perfect gift for a friend of family member who loves foxes:

"This little forest is home to a fox full of curiosity. Foxes are intelligent and adaptable animals, that don't shy away from life's adventures. Foxes are also thought to be symbols of creativity and passion. If you find that you emulate the cunning fox you may find wisdom in humour, and be quite productive in the late evening hours. Let the spirit of the fox bring you grand adventures and may you share your gifts with others through your wit."

Product Details:

- art dimensions: 4'' x 4''

- wood frame with glass

- outer dimensions: 4.75" x 4.75"

- frame thickness: 1.25"

- hanging hardware attached