Grab and Go Sensory Kit UNICORN

These UNICORN SENSORY KITS contain an amazing variety of loose parts for a Purposeful play experience. Magical unicorns play in the forest of the imagination of your child!
This packed kit includes everything your Little needs to explore and play in the perfect storage kit ready for play or travel or independent play. 
These kits are designed by an Early Childhood Educator who takes pride in providing materials to encourage story telling an imagination.

Unicorn Kit Includes 

*2 colours of my homemade dough made with taste safe ingredients 
*unicorn and a forest friend
*lots of gems and glitter ropes for magical play 
*coloured chickpeas 
*always extra items such as pipecleaners, pompoms, wood slices and so much more are included in each kit

The storage kit is approx. 7.5X 6.5" and has a handle for easy carrying for little hands. We love these containers as they can be stacked on top of each other. These kits are perfect for children aged 3 and up if you need a kit for a younger Learner please look up our toddler kit.

These containers are the  perfect option for a unique gift idea!

All items are picked to suit the theme of the kit and may vary slightly between kits but rest assured the quality items fit the theme perfectly and will keep your Little happy and busy!
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