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Her Flawsome Life

Life for Quinn Fairchild just isn’t going according to plan. Her ex-fiancé is a cad, her boss a degenerate, her love life not exactly impassioned, interaction with her parents just plain exhausting, and meeting handsome stranger, Darcy, is just another emotional complication she has no desire to get caught up in. She finds him far too presumptuous and confident for her liking and yet, admittedly, there is an undeniable attraction…too much so for her own comfort. 

Insistent, that going on a date with Darcy is not a good idea, her best friend, Francois, disagrees. After giving in to her friend’s pestering it isn’t long before Quinn regrets that decision, validating that her night out with Darcy was a big mistake and the worst date ever! So, why would she ever consider a second?

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