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Kiss naturals - kids kits

Once upon a time, in the beautiful, tiny village of Knowlton, Quebec, a young man named Mike Wiesel, and his lovely wife, Mary Pallett, became the proud parents of two darling daughters. They were born, as all children are, with big, beautiful eyes, curious souls, and a desire to explore their world.

Both Mike and Mary, soapmakers and crafters extraordinaire, were thrilled to pass on their life experience to their children. They believed the best way to do this was hands on, of course. Together, the girls and their parents made playdough from scratch, learned how to crack eggs without pieces of shell falling into the bowl, and even tried their hand at making lip balm from a kit. When the parents’ backs were turned for only a moment, their younger daughter, only two at the time, began eating the recently-made tube of lip balm. Horrified, Mary quickly scooped the goop from her daughter’s mouth and checked the ingredient listing on the back of the box.

What were these ingredients? Why were there so many chemical names? Surely someone could make a natural lip balm from scratch!

Mike, who had mastered the art of soap formulating, decided then and there that something must be done. He quickly put his talents to work and formulated a safe, non-toxic, paraben-free, synthetic dye-free, all-natural lip balm using simple, 100% natural ingredients.

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