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Mello Hair Sample Pack

This Sample Pack Includes:


2-in-1 Conditioner

Hydration Spray

Scalp Serum

Leave-in Conditioner

Moisture Retention Butter

Hydration Spray - 2 oz

Formulated for hair that is fragile, dry, easily tangle, damage, dull and lifeless. This vitamin and amino acid enriched moisturizer hydrates and enhance the hair natural shine while also increasing cellular energy resulting in hair that is touch-able softer for longer. For all hair types.

Moisture Retention Butter - 2 oz

Is your hair dry, lacks life and shine, then this product is for you. This product softens, add shine and nourishes the hair all at the same time. So powerful just a small amount goes along way and it never leave your hair feeling greasy. Full of all the necessary vitamins that your hair needs to penetrate the hair shaft leaving your hair feeling softer and rejuvenated for longer.

Scalp Stimulating Growth Serum- 2 oz


Scalp Stimulating Growth Serum is a natural growth stimulating serum made to increase blood circulation to the scalp. Formulated to deeply penetrate the scalp and stimulate slow and inactive hair follicles. Our growth serum transforms your scalp into the best environment to support hair growth.

Leave-in Conditioner - 2 oz

This product is formulated to hydrate, moisturize, soften and provide essential nutrients to the hair and scalp. Lightweight and won’t weight your hair down. It will keep your hair softer for longer while offering some definition. Can be used on all curl types.

Soften and Nourish Moisturizing and Detangling shampoo- 2 oz


It is a curl conscious shampoo designed to gently clean,moisturize and detangle .Infused with peppermint essential oil, it leaves your scalp clean while increasing circulation to the hair follicles. After rinsing out shampoo, hair will fell softer and look shinier and be more manageable.

Soften and Nourish: 2-in-1 Conditioner- 2 oz


Soften and Nourish 2-in-1 conditioner reduces the need to use multiple conditioners during your wash day routine. This conditioner will detangle and soften your hair plus enhance curl definition. Infused with hair and scalp-loving oil and silk, your hair will not only be softer but also stronger.

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