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A Star is Born Shaped Silver Leaf Resin Coasters

A Star is Born Shaped Silver Leaf Resin Coasters

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This set of 4 hand-poured star-shaped resin coasters is infused with silver leaf for a luxurious touch. Developed with various artistic and casting techniques, the coasters are made of non-toxic, glossy resin that has a glass-like quality and is easy to maintain. Perfect for mugs, cups, and luxury candles, these coasters are an ideal selection as a special gift or home decor. Hand crafted to create an individual look, this functional art will be a stylish complement to any room.

Coaster set includes 4 start shaped star coasters and 1 circular base. 

Note: All pieces are handmade and will not be identical to pictures as shown, although I try my best to replicate them. As I do my best to prevent air bubbles, some items may include small imperfections during pouring.

Candle not included. Handwash only 

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