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A natural candle that smells good? Is that possible? That’s what we wondered when we began our quest to create soy candles that do not contain synthetic fragrances.

The bath and body industry has myriad options when it comes to natural products, but finding a truly natural candle is nearly impossible. We can’t even count the amount of times we’ve picked up a so called ‘all-natural’ candle only to find that it contains synthetic fragrances. Even though many candle companies claim to use essential oils in their candles, they are not required to disclose whether or not synthetic fragrances were blended with the essential oils.

After spending months experimenting with essential oils and natural plant-derived fragrance oils, we perfected recipes for truly natural candles that burn clean and smell incredible.

We exclusively use soy wax made in the USA with American-grown soy. Unlike many candle companies, we do not add paraffin to our candles.
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