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Name Bracelet

This custom name bracelet is an elevated version of the BFF bracelet you coveted in grade school. Made with 14k gold filled or sterling silver 6mm ultimate quality beads, and custom enamel letter beads in Luxe Black or Rainbow.  They are hand stamped enamel artisan beads. The ultimate arm candy, these bracelets will allow you to keep the people and words that have meaning to you closet to your heart (or wrist), always. So get creative, and have some fun making your custom stack. Warning: This arm candy is highly addictive.  Care: Treat 14k gold filled beads as you would your gold karat jewellery. It is recommended that you keep the enamel letter beads dry and clean to keep them from fading. FYI: Gold filled is very different from gold plated. Gold plating can wear off, or change colour with sweat or water, whereas, gold filled means that 14k gold is injected into the actual quality metal bead, so that it keeps it’s colour just like full 14k gold.
Please specify what name/word you would like on your bracelet. Bracelets fit best with no more than 10 letters. Bracelet measures approximately 6.5". If you need another size, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you. Note: This listing is for 1 name bracelet. 
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