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Orange Himalayan Bath Salts 400g

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Enjoy the aroma of Orange Citrus in the Bath.  These bath Salts are infused with Orange Essential Oils.  These bath salts made with Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts are incredible for the ultimate recovery experience. This blend is going to make you want to have a warm bath every night before bed to relax after a long day. 
Included in this listing is one of the jars depending on the size you choose. 
1 x400g
Handmade in small batches at my parents home in Brampton, On
Epson Salts Benefits 
Promotes Sleep and Stress Reduction
Assists in pain relief and swelling
Assists in draining toxins from the body
Improves immune system functions
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Benefits 
Skin exfoliant 
Promotes respiratory and immune systems 
Acts as a detoxifier
Promotes improved Sleep
Epson Salts, Dead Sea Salts, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Essential Oils
Pour desired amount of salt in your bath. (Start with 1/4 cup). Can use more if you desire.  Let the salts dissolve before entering the bath. 
For External use only