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LGBTQ+ Singles Dating Ring


Creative Dating is rapidly growing into Canada's #1 OFFLINE dating company. We feature colour coded silicone dating rings called SPARX Finger Bands that let other singles know you're available and what your interest level is in the blink of an eye! 

No more profiles or fake photos. Just real encounters with real people while out and about doing everyday things.

Now when you're out and about grabbing a coffee, pumping gas, getting groceries, having a drink at the pub, or walking the dog, if you're wearing your SPARX Finger Band you can rest assured you're attracting other like-minded singles to you. 

And we have a ring for every interest level. So, whether you're interest in playing the field, looking for friendship or a companion, part of the LGBTQ+ community, or looking for something more serious, we have a ring for you.

Choose one colour or get the whole set. We recommend purchasing the whole set that way when your interest level changes so can your ring. This way you'll be ready for anything! Our Purple SPARX Finger Band is the dating ring for the LGBTQ+ community who are looking to playthe field. No strings, no commitments. However, we recommend wearing two different coloured rings so that all of your interest levels are met.

Every great love story begins with a spark so get your SPARX Finger Bands today! And be sure to check out our other colours or purchase the set so all your interest levels are met!