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Shipwreck of S.S. Maheno

S.S. Maheno

Shipwrecked upon Fraser Island during her last voyage, this Australian landmark had served as a trans-Tasman Liner, a hospital ship during World War I, and target practice during World War II.

Scratchboard Art:

The art piece before you is hand etched.  The boards used are made of a white clay with a coating of black ink.  Each piece is scratched into the board with an xacto knife, the image made of thousands of scratches.  Colour was added after with a set of inks.

This artwork consists of two 5x7 inch boards within a 12x22 inch matted black frame.  The etching is coated with a UV and dust resistant spray, and so can be displayed without the glass if desired (glass fits within frame behind art in this case).

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