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Katrina Cappelli

Stars & Margaritas Book Box

Stars & Margaritas Book Box

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A unique gift for any romance reader. A fun, easy-to-read romance novel signed by the author that comes with an adventure. As you read through your copy of Stars & Margaritas you will come across post-it notes that tell you to open gift. Pick the gift with the corresponding page number and open for a special surprise related to what you just read. All the gifts are sourced from small businesses. 

About the book: 

Lexi Malloy believes that love is about honesty, but every man she has told I love you has lied to her. After being burned by past relationships she has found the perfect solution, dating her married former mentor. The only problem is that he has fallen in love with her, and now wants to go public with their relationship. Lexi has the weekend to decide if she really loves him, and if being with him is worth having to face all the obstacles that will come with their unconventional romance. To make things more complicated, this weekend is also her sister’s wedding, which unexpectedly brings a man from Lexi’s past back into the picture. Lexi needs to decide who she can trust or risk ending up with nothing.

Stars & Margaritas is a closed door, love triangle, rom com intended for adult audiences. 
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