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Vendor Social

Small Shop Social

We have always loved the conversations we have with the vendors we work with. You have inspired us in the way we move forward and we feel like we’ve helped many vendors in their journeys.
Since the beginning of TMMM we have wanted to facilitate a conversation between businesses that helped support the maker community. There has always been solid support for the community and less focus on competition from us. You don’t get ahead doing what everyone else is doing and you don’t stand out if it’s all the same. There is room for everyone in the creative world and we want to prove it to you.

While we ourselves are not the experts when it comes to social media and marketing. We have learned a lot in our nearly 5 years of what works and what doesn’t. Rebranding to Retail has had us focus on different trends and a broader consumer demographic. The way in person markets has been in the past will in our eyes not be the same. Our shift to retail has shown us that we can be successful as a brand consistently throughout the year and not just seasonally as an events company. Small shops like your own should be thinking this way as well. Sure, the bigger profit seasons are incredible but wouldn’t you like this to be a consistent income?

We want to work with you on your intentions as a brand. Help direct you down the path that most suits you. How can TMMM help your business? We will tell you based on what your intentions and goals are.

The Small Shop Social is an event that will evolve as time goes on but for our first one lets break the ice and discover how we can help each other as a community.

For this event we have Swift Post onboarded to help guide you on better shipping solutions which is super important heading into the holiday season. Why focus on our local audience when you could be marketing a bigger audience. Let us at TMMM sell your product instore and online while you focus on marketing to a bigger consumer demographic.
We’ll talk about Shopify, Instagram, Tik Tok and upcoming trends. We’ll also take part in a creative activity together. Also included in the evening are beverages and snacks!

This is turning into our favourite kind of social event and we’re really excited to hang out with you. Whether you’re just starting out, need to know where to start or are a seasoned pro with the gift of knowledge, this event is for everyone.
The night will include a sign workshop while we chat by Churchhouse studios, Yummy food by Reggies hot Grill and a link to a masterclass with Kat Social:Instagram: Masterclass Take your Instagram to the next level before the holiday season.


Oct 16th at 6pm. In store at Modern makers market 651 Chamberlain St. 

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