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Modern Makers Market

🌸 The Modern Spring Market 🌼

🌸 The Modern Spring Market 🌼

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🌸 🌼 🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼

Join us for a beautiful spring day at The Modern Market, where 75 talented artisans and small businesses come together to showcase their unique creations. This vibrant market promises a lot of creativity, community, and all of the Spring vibes!

Date & Time:
📅 Sunday, MAY 5TH
🕒 11:00AM - 3:00PM
One hour early entry @ 10am for *PREMIUM PASS HOLDERS ONLY*
$5 entry @ the door OR pre purchase online for $4

📍The Morrow Building in PTBO. Located behind the Memorial Centre at Lansdowne and George st

You do not receive a physical ticket or premium pass gift bag before the event. Your name will be added to the check in list at the door. 

🌸 🌼 🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼🌸 🌼

General Admission
-All guests receive a ballot to submit into one of our Door prizes.
-The first 75 ticket holders/purchasers will get a Mystery bag! Each mystery bag features a small gift and 5 of those bags will have Market Bucks hidden inside. 
$4 online or $5 at the door Children 16 and under are FREE

Closing out the final hour of the day there is a bin full of mystery bags up for grabs!
Its first come first served at 2pm only.
This is for ticket purchasers at 2pm. You can't already be at the market and then come collect a bag at 2pm. Unless you want to buy another ticket at the door.

-All guests receive a ballot to submit into one of our Door prizes.
-Pass holders are granted ONE HOUR early access to the Spring Market at 10am. Before the general admission guests. 
-Premium pass guests receive a small gift bag featuring items contributed by small businesses and local services. !
-SAVE ON SMALL In every premium pass gift bag there is a voucher to use in the market with participating vendors offering discounts up to 30%!
AND! Pass holders can skip the line anytime they show up. If you arrive after the early shopping hour and there is a Line out font you can just walk right pass everyone and enter  through the left side of the doorway to grab you ticket and gift bag.
Only available online $25

Parking is FREE

However, if there is an event happening adjacent to the morrow building in the memorial centre, we will only have 25% of the parking spaces designated to our event for free parking. 
If there is an event on they will have a $5 parking fee to park in the large lot. There is free parking on neighbouring side streets which is just a short walk. 
*At this time there is no event on at the same time*

Most if not all vendors have tap or swipe card readers for payment. This is convenient to the shoppers in a lot of cases but the vendor pays additional fees for the service. To help vendors keep their profits whole, consider using cash at markets. 

Unless your dog is a service animal please refrain from bringing dogs to the market. This is a common practice for shoppers to bring dogs but it's important to consider that there are people who are afraid of dogs. 
We try to make our events comfortable and safe for everyone :)
Of course service animals are always welcome!

Be sure to follow on social media for giveaways leading up to the event!


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