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Autistic Pride Sticker, Autism Awareness Vinyl Sticker, Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Sticker, Autism Awareness Support Ribbon Sticker

Don't be fooled by the title, this VINYL STICKER is a stand against the hate symbol which is the puzzle piece! The puzzle piece is paraded around by an organization that does NOT want good things for us. It signifies that something is broken, missing or needs fixing. We don't need that! We need pride (which I also sell lots of in my main shop, retrophiliac.etsy.com) and we need unity - let's come together by saying "Hey, A$ doesn't speak for me!" This patch is JUST that and my hopes is that, with more people who support this item, it will start to overshadow all those puzzle pieces that are popularized by people who aren't Autistic. I'm Autistic and when you support me, you're supporting all my dreams and making it possible for me to have items like this produced.
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