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Artful Homespun

Green Witch Scent Co - Forest Path Perfume Oil

Green Witch Scent Co - Forest Path Perfume Oil

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Welcome to Green Witch Scent Co, by Artful Homespun!

Green Witch Scent Co brings you natural, luxurious scents for home and body, made using only high-quality and organic ingredients. 

*Vegan *Cruelty Free *Small Batch, Artisan Crafted

Forest Path perfume oil has notes of a walk through a lush forest, with fresh pine needles crunching under your feet! Earthy and grounding.

These perfume oils are in a convenient roller, that can be thrown in your purse for a scent refresh on the go! These oils are made from botanically infused organic oil, and high-grade essential oils such as lemon grass and cedarwood. 

10ml/.34 Oz roller bottle

*As a company, Green Witch Scent Co is committed to reducing our environmental impact by reducing plastic in our product packaging. We encourage you to recycle or reuse our packaging wherever possible!*
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