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Katrina Cappelli

Midnights - Signed Copy

Midnights - Signed Copy

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A contemporary romance novel that has time travel and sci fi elements, signed by the author. 

About the book:

Ace knew the time machine would change her life, she had no idea it would bring her love.

Ace Cosimo has spent every moment since she was six trying to impress her father. When he creates a Time Machine to deal with the loss of his wife, Ace reluctantly agrees to help him thinking it will be the key to finally making him proud. Things get complicated when testing the Time Machine accidentally results in them bringing a man named Steve to the future from 1945. Ace and her father need to figure out why the machine brought him here and send him back to his own time before it causes damage to the timeline. But what happens when Ace doesn’t want to send him back? And what secrets is Steve keeping?

This book contains explicit scenes but chapters can be skipped to omit them. This book is for adults. 

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