Neurodiversity Pride Lanyard, Autism Lanyard, Autistic Pride Lanyard, Rainbow Infinity Lanyard

Please note: I now have 2 varieties. The BREAKAWAY CLOSURE and the REGULAR ONE. Please read carefully. This is a Neurodiversity Pride Lanyard. It features a smooth ribbon with the rainbow infinity pride symbol on a black background and features a metal clip. Great for your keys, stim toys, ID etc. Perfect for the workplace, your bag or your pocket! Super versatile. You can put some enamel pins on it too (P.S. I sell some)! The REGULAR ONE: approximately 36 inches in length, 91.44CM or 914.4MM. The Breakaway Closure Variation: approximately 39 inches in length, 99.06CM or 990.6 MM. Generally speaking, you'll see an abundance of blue puzzle piece merchandise here and this is not positive for us.
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