Silicone Divided Plate by Raising Humans Co

Our Raising Humans Silicone Divided Plates are PERFECT for so many reasons!
1. Our plates are made out of 100% buttery soft, BPA free, non toxic, food-grade silicone that can be safely reheated, in the microwave, directly in the dish!
2. The divided sections are perfect for portioning out just the right amount of food!
3. They come in a large variety of colours to compliment any home!
USE: These plates have a very LIGHT suction. Suction is dependent on the type of surface you place it on. If you are looking for a stronger suction. You can check out our Silicone Suction Plates. If trying to use the suction on these plates, ensure that the bottom of your plate and the surface you are placing the plate on are clean, smooth and dry for best suction!
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